There are so many benefits to Drama Club! Here are just a few.

1. Imagination

When you participate in drama club, it's all about imagining new places, characters with funny voices, and pretending. You will be learning how to creatively solve problems and come up with new ideas. 

2. Self-Confidence

New participants often say they are afraid to get on stage and speak by themselves. By playing games and working with friends, most kids are speaking on stage and learning new skills without realizing it. When they finally get on stage for the show, their confidence is soaring. 

3. Empathy

We learn about the lives of the characters in our show and they often are nothing like us. We must work to understand them and have compassion for their problems and experiences.

4. Communication Skills

We are projecting our voices, using facial expressions, body language and words to express how we are feeling as a character. Participants share how they think the character would behave and their peers share their ideas. All of this is building key communication skills.


Benefits of Drama...

5. Focus

Drama Club requires you to listen to other's ideas and respond. You are asked to think about how to respond to another actor's lines with both words and actions. You are asked to follow multi-step directions every day. All of this improves focus.

6. Cooperation

A theatre production takes a team of actors, stage crew, directors and tech. people. Drama Club participants quickly learn that the actors on the stage need each other. They learn to work together with the director and stage crew and share ideas and improve their cooperation skills.

7. Fitness

Yes, you have to move to put on a good show! We begin all of our in person classes with a movement game followed by a calming activity. Then we have to project our voices which takes a lot of energy. Moving from scene to scene takes stamina and using our whole body on stage is exhausting. Even during virtual practices, we have a opening game that will require them to move!

8. Memory

Learning your lines involves memorization. Remembering your dance moves takes practice and repetition which improves memory. Many participants will remember their lines years after their show!

9. Love of  Theatre and Arts. 

Drama participants learn that theatre and performance arts are all around them. They want to learn more and participate!


10. Fun

Above everything else, Drama Club should be fun. It's about play, laughter, enjoyment and expression. From our games to dancing on stage, we love to have fun.