What happens at Casting?

Drama Club holds casting practices for each grade. The purpose of the practice is for the students to get to know the parts in the show and for the directors to get to know the kids. 

We spend time playing games and then talk about the parts. We try to match kids with a part that suits both their personality and their abilities. All students will receive lines in the show. 

What about singing?

If your child wants to sing, you should indicate that on their application so that we know to expect them at Solo Casting practice as well as their grade casting practice.  The Solo Casting practice is low pressure. We ask the students to sing any song on stage. They can sing with a partner or alone. All Students who want to sing will be given a chance as either part of the chorus, a duet or a solo.

When do we cast parts?

A part letter will come in your child's backpack a few weeks after casting practice. It will include their part and a costume guide. They will receive their scripts in January when they start practices.  If they are singing  a song, it will also indicate the song and if it is a solo etc.

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