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 It all began..

James Robert

In 2010, a small 10-year-old boy pleaded with me to start the drama club at Turkey Hill School. He wanted more than anything to be on stage. He couldn't read very well and school was a struggle. It was hard for him to follow the script. He sat up at night trying to memorize his lines. He struggled to sit still in practices and he was always a little silly. With the encouragement of our principal, Colleen Murray, we started the club. His grade director gave him a role that allowed him to move around a lot. By the time he was in 6th grade, he took center stage as Peter in the final fight against Captain Hook. A few days after he took the stage as Peter, one of his teachers told us that since he started drama, he paid more attention in class. She went on to say that he was asking more questions and participating in discussions. He seemed more confident among his peers. To sum it up she said, "He's on fire." 

Since that time, we have had the opportunity to watch many boys and girls like him, take chances and become someone or something they are not. They make friends and find their voices on stage. Of course, only my own sweet son, James Robert, could have persuaded me to start a club for him. He has continued to pursue drama through high school and in his senior year wrote his own theatre play. He is currently studying business and playing football at Ithaca College. 

Deb Sansone

Producer-THS Drama Club


Our Team

The Turkey Hill Drama Club is run by all volunteers. To volunteer as a grade director or to help with stage crew at practices, please contact us at 

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