Drama Club Rules

Drama Club is a team and like all teams there needs to be a few rules so we can all get along and have as much fun together as possible! 

Please read through them with your child. We will go over them in our first class and remind each other of the rules as time goes by. 

  • You MUST be at every rehearsal, practice, run-through and dress rehearsal that is on the schedule. You should only miss one if you are sick and you should let us know if you won't be there.

  • Be on time and stay the whole practice. It is respectful to be on time and it's not ok to leave before our scheduled end time. Please schedule other appointments before or after Drama Club commitments.

  • You are responsible to learn your lines and be off of your script by the date outlined by the director. This means you will have to practice at home. 

  • Never touch a prop for the show unless it's part of your role. This is to protect the props from being broken.

  • We don't eat outside of designated snack time or share snacks. 

  • We are always respectful of each other. This means that while others are performing, we are quiet. We don't fool around or do other activities while someone is performing or the director is teaching. I will keep my hands and feet to myself.

  • Pick up is at the end of the practice. Parents should plan to be there at pick up and come inside to pick their child up once the practice doors open. We can not accommodate early pick ups.

  • Participants must stay in the drama designated area at all times.  


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