Amity Stars Come to THS

It wasn't long ago that the current Amity High School Stars including Audrey Jurzyk, Marty Gnidula, Carly Chervenak and Sydney Sherrick were actors on the THS stage. And, so as tradition would have it, on Tuesday, February 12th at 4 p.m., they will return to pass on their theatrical wisdom to the 100 actors in the current THS Drama Club!

Audrey Jurzyk, a freshmen at Amity High School, starred in six shows at THS. She was adorable as a Albina the Munchkin in "Wizard of Oz." As a second grader, she stole the show as Peter Pan and in third grade she wow'd us as Bebe a Villager in Beauty and the Beast. By fourth grade, however, she found her voice and sang a solo, "Feed the Birds" in "One Man's Dream." She continued singing her heart out in fifth grade as Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" and we will never forget her fantastic performance as Ursula in "The Little Mermaid."

Marty Gnidula, a junior at Amity High School, kicked his drama career off in fourth grade as Pirate Bill Jukes in Peter Pan. By fifth grade he was growing as an actor and took on the role of the Prince in Beauty and the Beast. By sixth grade, he played the part of Alladdin and Sultan in "One Man's Dream." His director's Diane Dalle Ave and Donna Ricciardi said,"Who can forget Marty's SWAG as Alladin."

Sydney Sherrick, a junior at Amity High School, stole our hearts in her first show in third grade as the Tin Man in "Wizard of Oz." In fourth grade, she played Wendy in "Peter Pan" and by fifth grade she didn't disappoint as Lumiere in Beaty and the Beast. By sixth grade, she was managing the stage and playing the part of Iago the Parrot in "One Man's Dream."

Carly Chervenak, a senior at Amity High School, joined the THS Drama Club as a sixth grader but she left her mark on stage as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast". She learned her lines quickly and danced and sang her heart out.

Audrey Jurzyk plays the lead in Amity High School Production in 2019


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