Memories of our first show

As I was ordering my holiday cards today, I stumbled upon hundreds of photos from our first show nine years ago. It was the Wizard of Oz and my two 5th graders were thrilled to be in it along with so many of their friends. James was the Scarecrow and Nu-Kwan was the Tin-Man. Of course, most of you know the story of how James convinced me to start the club so he could have a show!

It was a daunting task that first year and a true experiment. We had no idea if we could get that many kids in a show and survive to tell the tale, but with the help of so many friends, we did it. James and Nu-Kwan will graduate high school this year and go off to college. For those of you with kids just starting the Drama Club, take lots of photos so you can enjoy them years from now!

Nu-Kwan (right) James (left)

5th Grade friends in Wizard of Oz

James was one of many Scarecrows


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